Cakesmith_ke Serving Nyeri with the Best Cakes

Cakesmith_ke was founded by Margaret Njeri Muthoni (Instagram handle that_njeri_ )back in 2020.

How it started:

“When corona struck back in 2020, I was stuck in the house. There was limited movement, schools were closed and I needed something to keep me busy” Njeri recalls.

That was when she started baking as a hobby. She learned from the internet and in a few months, she could prepare relatively good cakes for a beginner. Njeri never gave up, she baked more and more and as months passed, Njeri started producing mouthwatering cakes.

“The cakes were super yummy, actually I was surprised, I could not believe it” Njeri explained. That was when orders started trickling in from friends, relatives, and mates.   

Today, Cakesmith_ke serves more than 10 clients per week. She has been operating remotely and prepares them in her house. All you need to do is contact her, explain what kind of a cake you want, and Cakesmith_ke will deliver as promised.

Where can I get the best cakes in Nyeri for my birthday?

If you are looking for the best cake for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, baby showers, or any other event around Nyeri, Cakesmith_ke got you covered.

Cakesmith_ke has mastered the art of preparing exquisite cakes with a wide range of flavors. I have had a taste of her products and I assure you; the cakes are Cloyingly Sweet.

Here is a list of flavors served by Cakesmith_ke (Best cakes in Nyeri):

Vanilla Cakes

Blueberry Cakes

Cakesmith_ke Serving Nyeri with the Best Cakes

Strawberry Cakes

Lemon Cakes

Chocolate Cakes

best cakes in Nyeri

Moreover, Cakessmith_ke can serve you multi-colored cakes for any kind of event.

Cakesmith_ke Prices:

Their prices are very affordable and you will not regret.

Flavor / Weight1 KG2 KG3 KG4 KG
Vanilla Cakes1,5002,0003,5004,500
Blueberry Cakes1,5002,5003,5004,500
Strawberry Cakes1,5002,5003,5004,500
Lemon Cakes1,8002,7003,5004,700
Chocolate Cakes1,8003,0003,5004,500
Multi Colored Cakes1,6002,7003,6004,600

Final thoughts:

Cakesmith_ke serves you the best and sweetest cakes. She started small and right now, Cakesmith_ke has served more than 300 clients for the past year.

Therefore, if you are around Nyeri and want a good cake for your event, Contact Cakesmith_ke today. They got you covered.

Phone Number: 0799925548 or 0735703150

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